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Pneumatic hydraulic beam jack

This hydraulic jack requires compressed air from an air compressor to lift  automobile beam loads up to 50 Ton.

This hydraulic jack requires compressed air from an air compressor to lift  automobile beam loads up to 50 Ton. 

Can be used for safely lifting, trailers, heavy trucks, construction vehicles.also easy to operate and are featured with divers safety options as dead man’s joystick which also aids controlled lowering speed.

With a minimum height of 550mm or 650mm,. This allows an entire range of vehicles beam to be jacked up.


Quality jack with two large rubber wheels and a long handle with soft rubber grips

First-class powder coating on entire construction, attractive and functional

Minimum  height 550 mm and 650mm can be choose

Operates with reliable hold-to-run joystick

Shortcut for quick coupling of the air hose

The jack can be moved,  raised and dropped using the handle

The handle can be locked in 3positions; 90º-135º-180º

Increased load stability with wide base

The whole body is made from 4.5 mm steel plate and provides ultimate protection of the internal parts

Internal and external hard-chrome cylinders resistant to wear and corrosion

Each cylinder is fitted with two seals to prevent any oil loss

Fast lifting by means of pneumatic high-pressure pump

Hook on the side of the chassis for the extensions

Screw cap on the chassis for maintaining and repairing.

Outside oil filling port for  easy oil refilling

Comes with 2 extensions to close gap between the saddle of the jack and the jacking point

Lifting Weight:  50 Ton
Working pressure:  0.80-1.20 Mpa
Minimum Height:or 650 mm
Max  Height:1150mm
Extension  Rod:38mm+60mm
Working Pressure: 31.50Mpa
Net Weight: 103Kg