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80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack Operating Precautions 1

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As a Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack China Supplier, let us introduce the operation precautions for hydraulic jacks.
1:80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack In the jacking operation, the hydraulic jack of the appropriate tonnage should be selected: the bearing capacity should not be overloaded, and the carrying capacity of the hydraulic jack should be greater than 1.2 times the weight of the weight; the hydraulic jack is suitable for easy removal. The small height of the hydraulic jack should be adapted to the clearance of the bottom of the weight. When the bolster supports heavy objects during the landing, the lifting height of the hydraulic jack is greater than the sum of the thickness of the bolster and the deformation of the sleeper.
2: If multiple hydraulic jacks are used to lift the same equipment, the same type of hydraulic jacks should be used, and the sum of the rated lifting weight of each hydraulic jack should not be less than 1.5 times the gravity of the equipment.

80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack

3:80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack should be wiped clean before use, and should check whether the parts are flexible and damaged. Never remove the quick connector when there is load to avoid accidents and damage to parts. 4: The hydraulic jack should be placed flat before use, can not be tilted, and the bottom should be leveled to prevent the hydraulic jack from tilting or tipping over the foundation due to the subsidence of the ground or the load offset. It can be enlarged by the tough pillow or steel plate at the bottom of the hydraulic jack. Pressure-bearing area to avoid accidents caused by falling or sliding; do not use oily wood or steel plate as a gasket to prevent slipping during stress and cause a safety accident; the weight must be lifted to a safe and solid position. Anti-damage equipment.
5: When using 80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack, first try to lift a part of the weight first, carefully check that the hydraulic jack is not abnormal, and then continue to lift the heavy object. If it is found that the backing plate is not flat, not firm or the hydraulic jack is inclined after being pressed, the hydraulic jack must be unloaded and returned to the process.

2019/04/03 10:34

80 Ton Pneumatic Hydraulic Jack Operating Precautions 1